Color Explosion!

This photo stopped me in my tracks! Why? Because this solves the problem of a type of claustrophobic stairwell that I find pretty commonly in houses here along the Route One Corridor.

Certain Bungalows and Cape Cods around here feature a staircase from the first to second floor that has always struck me as a bit too close for comfort. The stairs are often found behind a closed door which gives the experience of going from the first to second floor a feeling a bit like going up into an attic, or worse, going through a closet.

The staircase corridor is often overlooked and is certainly never featured in real estate photos. But just take a look at how Anna Jacobs celebrates this space! She turns the walls and steps of this timid and unloved space into an expressive explosion of color. I have seen stairwell murals but usually in larger houses. I would never have imagined how well this could work in a smaller space!

Take a look at the photos from Anna Jacobs Instagram feed and see what you think that something like this would have worked for a house that recently sold in Hyattsville at 6218 43rd Avenue. It has one of those “closet door” stairwells. If you had bought this house, would you be bold enough to paint the stair risers and walls like this?

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