Create a home office anywhere

We all need a home office...really.

There are two main questions to ask yourself...

1. What type of work do you plan to do there?

2. How much use will your home office get?

Here are couple of tips to make the space wonderful:

- Find a good location - you may be crunched for space but I bet that there is a corner of a room somewhere that could work for you...just do me a favor and make sure that you get good light and don't feel like you are sitting in a broom closet

- Control clutter - better words have never been said for pretty much all aspects of our lives

- Choose the right chair and light - this is one that I always compromise on and always regret, take a little time and pick something out that is perfect for you

- Add a luxury - make this more than a place to pay bills...make this a place to think, make decisions and dream...I think that beautiful carpet can make any room (or corner or a room) really sparkle

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