Simple tips to nurture your greatest investment...your home.

Updated: Mar 12

Even if you aren't planning on selling this year, there are things you can do today to maximize the sale price of one of your largest single investments and make your life easier when you do. Follow these simple tips to protect your nest egg.

1. Keep up with routine maintenance. There is a gentle euphemism that home inspectors use called "deferred maintenance". It is a nice way of saying that the owner hasn't kept the house in good shape. If you don't want a home inspector saying that about your house, then keep up with it...have the roof checked out, your heating and cooling system routinely maintained, your chimney know better than anyone else what needs to be monitored. Trust me, when it comes time to sell you will be so happy that your kept up with issues over the years rather than confronting them all at once.

2. Make de-cluttering a habit. Two weeks before you go on the market is not the time to be asking if something brings you joy and figuring out how to fold your socks. Read "The Life Changing Habit of Tidying Up" now. If you think someone in your family may want your China hutch or set of crystal stemware, ask them now and have a plan for giving those belongings away when they no longer fit your lifestyle. Unburden yourself today of things that are cluttering your home so you don't have to think about them later. Make it a regular habit that you enjoy rather than an overwhelming task that you dread.

3. Be strategic about large renovations. I personally think that you should renovate a house for you, not an unknown future buyer at an unknown future date. That being said, if your kitchen renovation is a little "too unique" you might be disappointed by the market reaction later on. Some bold color choices kitchen countertops and cabinets flash in my mind as I write this. In the long run it is better to express your taste in colors with paint and art. Painting is much cheaper than more permanent fixtures and you can always take artwork down.

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