2020 is already heating up...what it means for you!

"So Tamara, how’s the market?”


Everywhere I go, that’s the #1 question I’m asked by folks eager to keep on top of things..


At the grocery store, the post office, the 7-11 … how’s the market looking? What’s the latest with the real estate market?


As an award-winning real estate agent for in the Route One corridor — Hyattsville, College Park, Riverdale, and University Park — I love it that so many people reach out to me for insights into the local economy.


But here’s the funny thing … really, to me, the amazing thing …

In the vast majority of cases, the people who are asking me about the market are not those who are looking to buy or sell! They’re folks who are firmly rooted in our local communities.


Oh, I get it. Believe me.


We all want to know how our precious investments are faring. 


And we’re all committed to this wonderful and vibrant place we’ve chosen to make our homes and raise our families.


What I hear behind that question is that so many of you are so deeply committed to this community and its growth.


It’s evidence to me, not of anxiety, but rather of engagement -- and of the general health of this area.


So the next time you bump into me at the grocery store, the post office, the 7-11, by all means — ask away. I’m always happy to share my insight and experience!


In the meantime, I have some very good news to share with you right here:  …


I think that our three January settlements are an indicator of a hot upcoming real estate market.


And what does a hot real estate market usually tell us? 


Yep, that’s right: an increase in house prices.

So, homeowners, savor the moment. And homebuyers … brace yourselves for a market that continues to boom. Let’s chat about how we can find you your perfect home today along the Route 1 corridor today! 

The three houses pictured were very different but all sold readily for top dollar. There was the exquisitely renovated Colonial at 6510 Queens Chapel Road, the sunny and surprisingly spacious rambler at 6609 Wells Parkway and the 1920s-era bungalow at 6612 Baltimore Avenue. Each house appealed to a different kind of buyer and our team knew exactly how to pinpoint that buyer and market to them.

Thinking about selling? Want an updated estimate of the value of your house? Write to me now.

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