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I have worked with Tamara for several years and she is amazing.  She never tires of showing us houses ( and we finally bought one) and she has an incredible vision for the potential of what a house could be.  Her architectural background is invaluable and enables her to see the potential in houses that others might miss.  Sometimes she even has plans in her back pocket for how you could reconfigure a house to better work for you.  Her enthusiasm for real estate and upbeat attitude is so much fun to be around.  She is great at matching your needs with the right house.  We are looking at houses again, and she is the only real estate agent I would choose for my search. 

- Beth Allgood


Tamara has been an invaluable partner searching for homes in the Route One Corridor. She is trustworthy, responsive and has accurate information to match current market offerings with your specific needs. It's always a pleasure dealing with her.


- Andrew Brown

When we went to sell our home, we figured we would go with the agent whose name was most ubiquitous in our neighborhood, especially for the large, historic homes like ours. Fortunately for us, we were soured by this route and that forced us to consider other options. Thank goodness, because when my husband and I think of our spectacular home selling experience from preparing to list, to listing, to selling, Tamara is at the heart of what made the experience really positive.

Tamara took what could have been a monumentally daunting task (preparing to list our beautiful home while also working full, parenting 3 children 5 and under and designing our future home in a different state) and turned it into a genuinely happy and creative experience. She also got us top dollar, literally breaking records for our neighborhood. Here are just a few of the things that made Tamara a stand out agent:

Prepared and Thorough - Tamara wowed us with her organized and thoughtful approach to every step of the sales process. When we first met, she came to our meeting with thoughtful comps. She also educated us about what she does when a house doesn't appraise (something we were worried about given the unique nature of our home) to ease us right from the get go. As we prepared our home for sale, she was a complete partner to me and my husband. She helped us prioritize where to invest our time and what to let go of. She gave us check lists and visual clues in an easy to digest room-by-room format. This included design tips for inexpensive options for things like plants and lighting that would enhance our home. In preparing for closing, she was thoughtful about making sure we were prepared and the process was easy and quick.

Connected to Us as Humans - This move was an emotional one for us. We were leaving a place we loved to adventure somewhere we'd only dreamed of. Moving through the transition was a lot of work. Tamara related to us on a human level. We never felt like cogs in a wheel or like we were wasting her time. When we spoke, she listened. When we asked for her advice, she gave it in a clear and simple manner. And when we celebrated, she was right there with us cheering. I think she screamed louder than we did when we got the official contract in place!

Creative and Great Design Eye - My husband and I are both creative people with a love for home design. I never expected that Tamara would play a role in helping us clarify our design for the listing, but boy did she! She met with us just a few days before we listed and walked room by room with us, helping us to hone the story we wanted to tell in each room. We brainstormed together on where to move art or rugs from other rooms. We talked about what to add and what to edit. She even looked at our own paintings gathering dust in the garage and helped us think about where we could place them to enhance smaller bathrooms and hallways - spots we just had never thought that much about. Friends who came to our open house couldn't believe what a crazy transformation the house underwent in a short period of time on a small budget. I think the biggest key was that from the get go Tamara wasn't asking us to take our personality out of the home. She was asking us to bring our best selves forward and that was profoundly more interesting and fun. As she said, "You have a happy home. Let people see that."

-Sharon Lipovsky


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