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3 easy house sale tips for seniors

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Planning ahead is always the best strategy for less worry and frustration.

Moving is overwhelming for everybody! Imagine being 95 years old and needing to move out of your beloved home of 40 years.

That is exactly what my client, Lucie, did. I helped her every step of the way and here we are, smiling and happy, on the day of her settlement.

It was truly an honor and a privilege to help her through this process. Over and over, she expressed amazement at how easy and simple the process was.

If you want the same experience, start with these three easy tips that work every time for seniors selling their houses. Planning ahead is always the best strategy for less worry and frustration.

1. Identify where to live

When you can visualize your new home, you are filled with so much more energy to accomplish the task ahead.

If you are thinking of moving closer to family members, ask them to give you advice on the best neighborhoods for you. Then find a great realtor with specific, local knowledge of where you want to move and give them a call.

Thinking about moving to a retirement community? Pick a few that look nice and give them a call. Set up an appointment for an in-person tour or a virtual tour.

2. Get an estimate of the value of your house

Knowing the probable sale price of your home is essential for planning purposes.

When I meet with my clients, I provide them a detailed market report with my best estimate of the price they will get when they sell.

This is so much more helpful than using an on-line estimate or talking to friends and family members who live in other parts of the country.

The real estate market is specific and local. Get an estimate of value from a realtor with specific and local knowledge.

3. Create a to-do list for getting your house ready

Don't let your head spin with worry about what you need to do to get your house ready for the market!

I always create a reality-based to-do list for my clients. This is based on knowing your timeline, budget and energy level.

Sometimes all we need to do to get the house ready is a little de-cluttering and a deep clean. Other times there are essential repairs to make in order to appeal to the most possible buyers.

The bottom line, is that this to-do list will be catered to your needs and abilities which will make the process easy and frustration-free.

Click here for a your free senior house selling worksheet.

This simple worksheet is a great place to gather your thoughts about your upcoming home sale. We will use this information to create a plan of action suited specifically for you!

Who am I and how can I help you?

I'm Tamara Beauchard - realtor

As a top-performing realtor with Re/Max Professionals, I handled nearly $16 million in real estate transactions this past year. I stay on top of the market to ensure that you are confident about the price and the process from our first meeting to the settlement table.

Ready to sell?

Let's talk. or 240-413-4141.

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