4 reasons great photos make you more money

Updated: May 27

Photos are one of the most useful tools for selling your home. They allow buyers to peek inside it from anywhere — their couch, their office or on the bus while they are commuting to work. It’s like having an open house without opening your house. With the current, Covid era real estate boom, it is more important than ever to draw prospective buyers in with beautiful images.

It is obvious that great photos make a house more appealing, but why is that?

1. We are a visual society. A store like Target takes the time to do beautiful photo shoots of items as simple as laundry detergent. The same thing applies to simple, inexpensive consumer goods as it does to complex, expensive houses. All products sell better when they are presented at their best.

2. Photos provide buyers with their first impressions of a home. When a listing is activated on the Multiple Listing Service, hundreds of on-line real estate search engines pick up the photos that are uploaded with the house information. If the photos are unappealing, most in-line shoppers stop after the first couple of photos without exploring the home any further.

3. The majority of home buyers say they wouldn’t even consider a property that didn’t have listing photos. I am amazed by the number of houses that go on the market without a single photo. This is why I guide my clients so carefully as their prepare their home for the photo shoot date.

4. Professionally photographed homes sell faster than other listings and command higher asking prices. Even for houses that are not in their peak condition, professional photographers are able to make the ordinary look extraordinary. This is why I pay for a professional photographer as part of my listing service.

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