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Bungalow love

Updated: May 29, 2021

There is just something about these distinctive houses. Designed to feel cozy with pretty fireplaces and window seats, these historic homes connect beautifully to the outdoors with their deep, friendly porches. They are an expression of the Arts and Crafts design movement that intended to encourage a love of hand-crafted details along with an appreciation for nature. We can all respect their promise of a peaceful home and a reflective life.

cute bungalow house near Hyattsville

Our listing at 4307 Tuckerman Street in Univerisity Park sold in 2018 with multiple offers

If you love this charming house style then you are in luck. Our dynamic Route One communities like Hyattsville, Riverdale and Mount Rainier feature many bungalow-style houses at different price ranges.

Recent bungalow sales

4219 Nicholson Street, Hyattsville 5 beds, 2 baths, $788,000

4510 32nd Street, Mount Rainier, 3 beds, 3 baths, $535,000

6013 44th Avenue, Hyattsville 2 beds, 2 baths, $429,400

3907 Queensbury Road, Hyattsville, 2 beds, 2 baths, $409,000

What makes a bungalow a bungalow?

In a word...coziness.

Bungalows, are loosely described as any cottage-like dwelling, informal in plan, elevation (what the house looks like in the front, side and back), and detail. At most two stories, but usually just one, their lines are low and simple with wide projecting roofs. They were constructed with materials that suggest a kind of coziness...quality wood, stone and plaster. Their porches, sunrooms, pergolas and patios tie them to the outdoors.

These sweet houses were built with quality materials and are meant to be repaired and maintained. Constructed between the 1890s-1920s, they are most frequently found in dense, walkable neighborhoods. The porches were designed with the intention of creating a sense of community as people chatted from their front porches with their strolling neighbors.

How to get your bungalow ready for the market

Play up the coziness of your house! Bungalows were designed with relatively compact floor plans but with great attention to quality craftsmanship. Show off built-in cabinets, window seats and mantles by making sure that the rooms are minimally furnished to let those details shine. I always prepare a detailed to-do list for my clients with photographs to guide them through decluttering and staging their homes. These lists are so helpful because they can be handed off to friends or workers to guide them through the step-by-step process of preparing each room.

Prospective buyers will fall in love with the porches connected to the front and back yard. Accentuate those desirable outdoor spaces by giving them a good scrub, painting where necessary and adding attractive outdoor furniture with colorful cushions. Make sure to have the yard mowed and mulched and define the beds shortly before hitting the market.

Who am I and how can I help you?

I'm Tamara Beauchard - realtor, architect and right-fit specialist

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You have an architect on your side! My experience in the design and construction industry means that we can talk about renovations and improvements that will both beautify your home and improve it's resale value.

I'm a right-fit specialist who provides consulting services for people who are not ready to buy or sell right now, but need advice on where to start with renovating or downsizing.

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