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Space-Saving Ideas: Adding an Extra Bathroom to Your Home

With today's limited inventory, it's worth considering homes with fewer features than ideal. Surprisingly, homes with just one bathroom sell for considerably less than those with two bathrooms, or even a combination of a full bathroom and a powder room.

The good news is that installing a powder room doesn't require much space.

Title: Space-Saving Ideas: Adding an Extra Bathroom to Your Home

Are you considering adding an extra bathroom to your home but worried about limited space? Don't fret! With some creative planning and smart design choices, you can maximize space and enjoy the convenience of an additional bathroom. In this blog post, we'll explore space-saving ideas that will help you seamlessly integrate a new bathroom into your home.

Assessing Available Space

Before diving into design ideas, it's crucial to assess the available space in your home. Look for underutilized areas such as closets, spare corners, or unused nooks that can be repurposed for a bathroom. Additionally, consider vertical space by exploring opportunities to build upwards or utilize wall-mounted fixtures.

Compact Fixtures and Layout

Opt for compact fixtures designed specifically for smaller spaces. Choose a space-saving toilet with a sleek profile or consider a wall-mounted toilet to free up floor space. For the sink area, pedestal sinks or corner sinks can be excellent choices that don't overwhelm the room visually. A smaller bathtub or a walk-in shower with sliding doors can also maximize space while providing functionality.

Utilizing Clever Storage Solutions

In a compact bathroom, storage is key to maintaining organization and functionality. Incorporate built-in shelving or recessed cabinets to utilize wall space efficiently. Consider installing floating shelves above the toilet or beside the sink for storing toiletries and towels. Use multi-functional furniture pieces such as vanity cabinets with built-in storage or mirrored cabinets to combine style and utility.

Optimal Lighting and Mirrors

Strategic lighting and mirrors can enhance the perception of space in a small bathroom. Install bright, layered lighting including overhead fixtures, task lighting near mirrors, and ambient lighting for a well-lit and inviting atmosphere. Mirrors not only reflect light but also create an illusion of depth, making the bathroom feel more spacious. Consider large mirrors or mirrored walls to visually expand the room.

Smart Design Choices

Incorporate a cohesive color scheme and minimalist design elements to create an open and airy feel in the bathroom. Lighter shades such as whites, pastels, or neutrals can make the space appear larger and brighter. Opt for streamlined fixtures and avoid bulky accessories that can clutter the space. Keep the design simple yet functional to maximize usability without sacrificing aesthetics.

Plumbing Considerations

Work with a professional plumber to optimize plumbing layouts for space efficiency. Consider innovative plumbing solutions such as compact tankless water heaters or concealed plumbing systems to save space and maintain a clean look in the bathroom. Proper planning and coordination during the design phase can prevent potential layout challenges later on.


Adding an extra bathroom to your home doesn't have to mean sacrificing valuable space. By implementing these space-saving ideas and thoughtful design strategies, you can create a functional and stylish bathroom even in limited areas. Consult with design experts and contractors to tailor solutions to your specific space requirements and enjoy the convenience and comfort of an additional bathroom tailored to your needs. Happy renovating!

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