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Home Staging: 3 Ways to Maximize Your Selling Potential

Updated: Feb 16

Staging! This word seems to have some sort of magical power. But when it comes to selling your house what does it really mean?

You need to think of your house as a stage set. When it is time to sell, the curtain needs to come down on your story in this particular house. Your story is going to continue somewhere else and a new group of people are going to live out their dramas and comedies in this house. In order to attract the most possible buyers, you must set the stage as neutrally as possible for them to imagine themselves living out their hopes and dreams within these walls.

How you to set the stage for them to imagine their lives in your house is your “staging”.

There are three ways for you to stage your house.

Option 1 – Empty

Since the empty option is the most straight forward, let’s talk about that first. This can often be the simplest, least disruptive option for many sellers. Once the house is empty, all the necessary repairs and cleaning can be done without much disruption to your day-to-day life. The option requires that you be able to maintain two houses financially for a period of time until your old house sells. The trick to doing this is to pay attention to the details. This is where a spotlessly clean house will pay dividends.

Staged empty - My clients' house at 6519 Adelphi Rd. in University Park

Option 2 – Hire a Stager

Having a professional stager come in is actually a sub-category of presenting the house empty. Everything has to be moved to your new home or stored elsewhere. Once all the repairs and cleaning are compete, the stagers will come in and furnish the most essential rooms of the house including the living room, dining room and the largest bedroom. They will decorate the kitchen and the bathrooms. Other rooms can be furnished as well, but the basic package usually involves only the rooms I mentioned. The first month of staging is usually the greatest expense. Then there is a lower monthly charge after that.

Professional staging at my clients' house at 5812 Harrison Ave. in Riverdale

Option 3 -Staging with your own belongings

Staging with your own belongings. The key to this is an un-natural minimalism. I quip that people should remove 50% of their belongings from each room and then when they are done, remove 50% more. This works for all styles of furnishing and all types of decorations. Think about a model home. The way it is furnished and decorated suggests a life but doesn’t really show the way a life is actually lived.

Depending on the size of each room, you may only have a couple pieces of furniture in each room. Try to keep the flat surfaces as clear as possible keeping the items visible on the surface to a minimum.

Staged with their own belongings - my clients' house at 2019 Woodberry Street in Hyattsville

The Current Real Estate Landscape

With the current market conditions, there has never been a better time to sell your house. From the high demand and limited inventory to favorable interest rates and qualified buyers, all the pieces are in place for a successful sale.

Where to Start If You Want to Sell Your House

Feeling inspired to sell your house? The first step is reaching out to me at 240-413-4141 or Whether you're ready to make a move or simply exploring your options, I'm here to help. We'll start with a conversation about your goals and objectives, followed by a comprehensive home evaluation and comparative market analysis. Armed with this valuable information, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions about selling your house. Don't wait any longer—contact me today and let's turn your real estate dreams into reality!

Contact me today at or 240-413-4141. Not sure what to write or say...just say "I'm not sure where to start, can you help me?" And that is exactly what I will do!

I'm Tamara Beauchard - I help busy people sell their houses easily.

Too many people have been through the horrible process of selling their homes without understanding what price they can expect and how they are supposed to make their homes look for showings. The problem isn't the people selling their homes, the problem is that they needed a better guide.

How can I be your guide? As a top-performing realtor with Re/Max Professionals, I handled nearly $16 million in real estate transactions this past year. I stay on top of the market to ensure that you are confident about the price and the process from our first meeting to the settlement table.

Ready to sell, buy, or downsize?

Contact me today at or 240-413-4141.

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